Healthcare is stressful enough. Paying for it shouldn’t be.

Your Ultimate Employee Benefit: HSA EasyPay Prepaid Mastercard Solution

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Need help with an employee benefits problem? You need the HSA EasyPay Prepaid Mastercard Solution!

From instant reporting to paperless transactions, the HSA EasyPay prepaid Mastercard solution is just what you’ve been waiting for. 

Our application takes the stress out of HSA’s and WSA’s so you can focus on what matters and put the time and cost savings back into growing your business. Keep reading for the full solution breakdown.

HSA EasyPay Prepaid Mastercard Solutions

Attract and Retain Staff

Employees won’t simply be won over by the job opportunity that offers the highest salary— top talent are also looking for benefits that meet their personal and professional needs.

Salary only goes so far. As an employer , you can truly engage your employees into how they are looked after when it comes to health and wellness benefits.

86% Employees state that an Employer that encourages health and wellness plays an important factor when deciding on a job offer

Employer Benefits

Hybrid workplaces are forcing businesses to tackle the unique challenge of attracting and retaining the top talent in new ways.

Flexible benefit solutions such as HSAs and WSAs are looked upon favourably.

Employee Benefits

Employees receive tailored benefits, work-life balance, and a sense of inclusion and purpose at work.

Never need to choose between health expenses vs living expenses.
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Attract & Retain Staff

Over $1,800 in Savings per Employee per Year

A family of 4 in Canada spends an average $4,000+ on health services annually^. Unlock major savings with HSA EasyPay Prepaid MasterCard solution.

All health-related expenses are tax free for the Employee and (depending on the plan) their dependents. 

HSAs and their associated admin costs are 100% write-offs, saving an average of $1829 per employee per year. 

* Per HSA Easy Pay calculations based on average HSA allocation values, Provincial and Canadian income tax and business rates, HSA Easy Pay rates and average benefit plan

Employer Benefits

HSAs are 100% write-off; all admin costs are also write-off

Reduced turnover creates increased productivity and reduced resources

Employee Benefits

All Health-related expenses are tax free for the Employee and (depending on the plan from Employer) their dependents
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$1800+ in Savings

To-the-Minute Reporting

The HSA EasyPay cloud-based app is simple to use with the option to filter by date, employee, spend bucket, and more.

Having all the information at your fingertips makes budgeting for the future a breeze. 

Employer Benefits

Filter by date, employee, spend bucket, and more

Use the easy-to-decipher insights to budget and communicate

The app does all the heavy lifting making reporting easy

Employee Benefits

Allocations, transactions and balances at employees’ fingertips

Transactions not processed through Mastercard can be reviewed awaiting approval and re-imbursement
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HSA EasyPay Solution: Instant Reporting
HSA EasyPay Solution: Eliminate Fraud

Eliminate Fraud

51% of benefits plan sponsors are concerned about the misuse of health benefits by plan members, suppliers and/or healthcare providers. This represents over $160 Million CDN annually.

100% Adjudication ensures your investment is being used as intended so you don’t have to worry about fraud.

Protect your investment so you can focus on growth with HSA EasyPay Ltd.

Employer Benefits

Peace of mind knowing benefits investment is being used as intended

Reduced/elimination of disciplinary conversations/actions needed

Every dollar saved on fraud is a dollar that can be invested elsewhere.

Employee Benefits

Mastercard® Technology ring-posts where card can be used

100% Adjudication
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Flexible Health & Wellness Benefits

The HSA EasyPay Prepaid MasterCard solution can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Unlock nearly unlimited flexibility in how you use your allocated HSA benefits.

Employees aged 18-34 twice as likely to use an app for their health-related activities than their older counterparts.

No more shopping from a narrow list of pre-approved vendors – find the care that’s right for you.

Employer Benefits

Ensure each Employee gets the benefits they need for their unique health and wellness situation

Provide solution for virtually any health or wellness expense

Clear and concise positioning for prepaid card as solution to reduce Employer medical costs, lower taxes, and simplify their life

Employee Benefits

HSA Easy Pay’s prepaid HSA Mastercard can be used anywhere MC is accepted – not just a small selection of vetted practitioners.

HSAs/WSAs can be used as uniquely as the individual using them
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HSA EasyPay Solution: Benefits flexibility
HSA EasyPay Solution: Communicate Benefits With Ease

Easy-to-Communicate Benefits for your Entire Team

Communication made easy. Healthcare is stressful enough without complicating HSA spending.

51% of benefits providers anticipate that HSAs will play a more significant role over the next 5 years^.

The HSA EasyPay Prepaid MasterCard solution is easy to navigate with straightforward HSA and WSA benefit buckets, universal Mastercard rules, educational resources, and optional in person education for employers.

Employer Benefits

All documentation and education collateral provided to Employer

Optional in-person presentation can be included from HSA Easy Pay to educate Employees on benefits dos and don'ts

Employee Benefits

Easy to understand HSA and WSA benefit buckets

Mastercard rules universal

Employers often part of HSA program as well
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Budget Consistency and Predictability

Unlike traditional benefit plans, which have dynamic spikes and valleys based on usage, our solution allows employers and employees to create consistent budgets knowing their allocation amounts at the start of the year. 

The HSA EasyPay Prepaid MasterCard solution can be funded monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or all at once to work with your unique situation. Knowing all the info up front allows employees to plan for their expenses in advance.

Employer Benefits

HSA Easy Pay prepaid solution can be funded monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or all at once

HSA funds 100% belong to Employer until used (if used)

Unlike traditional benefit plans, which have dynamic spikes and valleys based on usage

Employee Benefits

Employees know at start of year their allocation amounts and if it comes in batches or all at once

Up to the minute reporting in the app.
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HSA EasyPay Solution: Consistent Budgets

No Out-of-Pocket Health and Wellness Expenses

Eliminate the burden of health expenses on your employees’ wallet so they can focus on the things that matter. 

Employer Benefits

Increased productivity

Reduced turnover costs and time

Improved bottom line

Employee Benefits

No need to choose between necessities and health purchases

Able to look after their needs and their family’s needs leads to engaged employee
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HSA EasyPay Solution: no out-of-pocket expenses
HSA EasyPay Solution: Consistent re-imbursement

Secure & Consistent Re-imbursement

Every transaction is just a tap or swipe away!

By paying health and wellness costs through an HSA, employees can save 26% of purchase in taxes*.

Secure and instantaneous payment solution you can count on with our HSA EasyPay Prepaid MasterCard solution

Rare purchases HSA’s prepaid card solution can’t be used for (for whatever reason) is no problem! The app is backwards compatible for post-pay reimbursement within 2 days.

Employer Benefits

Provide mechanism for Employee to spend to HSA limits

Peace of mind knowing benefits investment is being used as intended

No paperwork to slow process down

Employee Benefits

Since payment is prepaid, re-imbursement is moot.

No waiting up to 30 days

For purchases that card can’t be used for, post-pay re-imbursement occurs within 48 hours.

Save up to 26% of purchase in taxes*
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HSA EasyPay Solution: Paperless application

Paperless, Cloud-based Application and Tracking

Leave the paperwork behind with our cloud-based application.

Our secure software protects your privacy so you can save time on logistics. 

Tech-savvy millennials now make up about 50% of the work force and are more likely to accept positions based on the benefits package available. Virtual accessibility is key to ease of use for this demographic. 

The HSA EasyPay Prepaid MasterCard solution allows you to use your phone to take pictures of your receipts and let the app do the rest. Our fully digital onboarding and managing will have you set up in no time.

Employer Benefits

No need to print (or fax!!) anything

Budget and forecasting is easy

Fully digital onboarding and managing

Simple to setup. Simple to use.

Employee Benefits

No more clumsy paperwork (or faxing) to submit claims

Use your phone to take a pic of your receipt – the app does the rest

Employee privacy always maintained
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HSA EasyPay Solution: Year-over-year rollovers

Seamless Year to Year Benefits Roll-over

Only 62% of HSA allocated spend in 2019 was used.

Year over year rollover flexibility only one click away in the HSA app. Make the most of your yearly unspent dollars by using annual rollovers to use your benefits for up to two calendar years. 

Budget for more costly expenses or save your yet-to-be-used benefits for when you need them.

Employer Benefits

Flexibility to roll over all unspent HSA allocated funds to the Employee or choose to rollover into future years’ HSA allocation

Thanks to sophisticated reporting, forecasting is fast and easy

Employee Benefits

Depending on Employer choice, Employee can rollover benefits up to 2 years

Provides flexibility to use HSA for higher priced health expenses
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Access to Your Benefits Instantly

Get your benefits instantly. The HSA EasyPay Prepaid MasterCard solution is at it’s core a versatile credit card. Shop in-store or online with CVC confirmation. 

Don’t just limit yourself to local providers – The HSA Mastercard enables you to shop health and wellness solutions all across the web!

Mastercard accepted at 37 Million merchants in more than 210 countries around the world

Employer Benefits

Ability to provide Mastercard to all employees - No credit checks needed

Health and wellness benefits option widely accepted worldwide.

CVC usage allows online health and wellness expense solutions

Employee Benefits

Use prepaid HSA Mastercard wherever Mastercard is accepted

Chip and Pin technology safe and secure

Use HSA card online as well.
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HSA EasyPay Solution: Benefits in seconds
HSA EasyPay Solution: Stress less

Stress Free and as Easy to Use as 1-2-3

It couldn’t be easier with the HSA EasyPay Prepaid MasterCard solution.

From having all the information you need at your fingertips in the app, to paperless reimbursements and onboarding, we make the process simple from start to finish.

Employer Benefits

Reduction of stresses surrounding the whole hire/rehire process

Reduced stress over positively impacted bottom line

Seen as a great Employer

Employee Benefits

No need to stress over choosing between two impossible choices for spending their limited funds

Feeling of appreciation at work

Feeling of appreciation at home
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HSA EasyPay Solution: Quick Onboarding

Onboard your Team in Quickly and Easily in Less than 2 Minutes

Onboarding couldn’t be easier with HSA EasyPay! When the Employee’s card arrives in the mail, it is active and ready to use right away, reducing onboarding logistics by 90%.

The creation of new client HSAs can be done in less than 2 minutes with ZERO paperwork – any other changes are simple to complete in the app.

Employer Benefits

Choose allocation amounts, classes and upload a file. THAT'S IT!!

All other changes are simple and can be done via the App

Creation of new Client HSA can be done in less than 2 minutes

No paperwork. Simple maintenance

Employee Benefits

When the Employee’s card arrives in the mail, it is active and available to be used immediately
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With flexibility like above, your plan members will be more likely to meet their and their families’ needs. 

According to the Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey, 68% of those with HSAs say their health benefit plan meets their needs – 43% more than those without HSAs. 

The HSA EasyPay Prepaid Mastercard solution makes using your HSA benefits straightforward and simple, taking away the stress associated with healthcare spending. 

Healthcare is stressful enough. Paying for it shouldn’t be.