Healthcare is stressful enough. Paying for it shouldn’t be.

For Employers

Employer benefits with HSA Easy Pay

Quickly onboard and manage all employees digitally

No Paperwork needed to enroll your employees

Only minimal information required for employees to use HSA Easy Pay Ltd.

Save over $1,800 per employee per year

As compared to traditional insurers with similar flexible plans, you will save significant amounts in fees and taxes. 

Savings calculated through research reported in 2020 Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey and Aya.

We work with your employees and brokers

Your employees use our exclusive application for payment and tracking

Our team makes everything easier and secure with your Benefits Advisor/Broker.

HSA reimbursements are a non-taxable benefit.

These funds are tax free for the employee and a business expense for the company.

WSA’s are a taxable benefit to the employee but remain a business expense for the employer.

No credit check 

For you or your employees (for prepaid solutions).

Reduce Fraud. More Secure. Compliant.

HSA Easy Pay technology revolutionizes the security and compliance of your HSA and WSA transactions.

HSA Easy Pay reduces fraud via 100% adjudication of all transactions.

Plan sponsor and plan member account information
  • With HSA Easy Pay’s prepaid health and wellness card solutions, you define the dollar limits for the HSA/WSA
  • You also decide whether amounts are to be used in the Benefits year or will be rolled over to the next year. 
HSA Easy Pay member benefits:
  • use HSA/WSA dollars until they’re exhausted for the plan year
  • dollar limits can be different by class 
  • dependents allowed or not can be different by class 
  • claims can be submitted after plan year is over if the employer chooses 
Easy payments

Your plan members on the HSA Easy Pay prepaid health and wellness card program will each receive a health and/or wellness card* which they and dependents can use to access their allocated dollars when paying for an eligible expense at any approved health or wellness care provider location. Depending on the plan design you choose, HSA vendors may include (not an exhaustive list): 

Dental clinics
Vision centers
Paramedical practitioners

(e.g., chiropractor, psychologist, physiotherapist) 

What’s a Health Spending Account (HSA)?  
What’s a Wellness Spending Account (WSA)? 
What Other Employers are Saying About Us


choose HSA Easy Pay to provide my employees the flexibility they need.


My employees can spend where they want versus insurance companies dictating where they can spend.


I can onboard and manage all my employees in one place 

Less Fraud

HSA Easy Pay reduces my fraud liability by checking each claim according to CRA guidelines 


HSA Easy Pay saves me significant money compared to other HSA and WSA providers


HSA Easy Pay is quick to respond to all my concerns 


Healthcare is stressful enough. Paying for it shouldn’t be.