Healthcare is stressful enough. Paying for it shouldn’t be.

For Employees

Employee benefits with HSA Easy Pay:
Get your money up to 10x faster

Our innovative software capabilities allow for up to 10x faster adjudication than traditional group benefits programs!

Use HSA Easy Pay's prepaid payment card solutions for all your eligible medical and wellness expeneses

You are a single card swipe away from purchasing the healthcare products and wellness services you need!

No more paperwork to submit claims

Use our Receipt Capture Technology to submit receipts for approval and re-payments. It’s all in the app!

HSA Easy Pay prepaid payment card solutions is for the whole family

Spend not just for yourself, but for your dependents too. Ask your employer for this option.

Spend anywhere Mastercard® is accepted

Valid at all approved health and wellness merchants

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With HSA Easy Pay, I get treated like a valued customer. Every time. 

60-second Sign up

The signup with HSA Easy Pay took me less than a minute. 

Cloud Based

Previously I had to fill out paper forms and fax in receipts. Who faxes any more?! HSA Easy Pay allows me to do everything with their simple-to-use online app. 


like that I get to use HSA Easy Pay prepaid card to take care of my dependent’s needs as well as my own. 

Less Stress

Previously I had to wait weeks for reimbursement adding financial stress. With HSA Easy Pay, I never have to wait. I never have to worry. 

No Waiting

No more waiting hours on the phone with my insurance company. HSA Easy Pay provides me access to all my info online in one app. 

Health and Wellness Spending Account Expenses Covered
What’s a Health Spending Account (HSA)?  

An HSA provides a non-taxable alternative or supplementation to a traditional benefits plan. HSA eligible expenses are vast, ranging from dental, vision, professional services, & hospital bills.

What’s a Wellness Spending Account (WSA)? 

A WSA is an opportunity for employers to support their employee’s wellness through the allocation of benefit dollars (taxable) for non-medical, wellness expenses.

What is Receipt Capture Technology

Use your phone to take a photo of your health or wellness receipt and our app turns that image into real data. This allows us to adjudicate and repay for eligible expenses up to 10X faster than traditional methods. In turn, you get your money much faster!

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Healthcare is stressful enough. Paying for it shouldn’t be.