Healthcare is stressful enough. Paying for it shouldn’t be.

Why an HSA Prepaid Mastercard Just Makes Sense

A health spending account (HSA) combined with a wellness spending account (WSA) is without question the most flexible benefits solution for you and your employees. So, an HSA, when combined with HSA Easy Pay Ltd.’s HSA Prepaid Mastercard® solution, provides you the greatest level of health and wellness flexibility paired with the most popular payment card in Canada.  

We often say, “Healthcare is stressful enough. Paying for it shouldn’t be.” It is with this in mind that the HSA Easy Pay Ltd. health and wellness solution offers you and your business substantial advantages over other benefit solutions out there. These include the ability to:

  • Quickly onboard in less than 2 minutes and manage all employees digitally
  • Leverage overall savings up to $2,000 per employee per year compared to traditional insurers
  • Use our exclusive application for payment and tracking.
  • Take advantage of HSA reimbursements being a non-taxable benefit
  • Provide a benefit to all employees with no credit checks for your employees

The pairing together with Mastercard offers additional significant and unique advantages. Below is a brief showcase of just four of those advantages.

An HSA Prepaid Mastercard for your health and wellness benefits reduces fraud

According to the 2020 Sanofi report, more than half of plan sponsors are concerned about the misuse of health benefits by plan members, suppliers and/or healthcare providers ($160MM CDN annually). Mastercard technology ring-posts where your card can be used. Our HSA Prepaid Mastercard card can be used where Mastercard is accepted. We leverage additional app-specific category-based technology so your employee purchases can only be authorized and accepted at pre-vetted health & wellness merchants.

One of the ways our solution prevents fraud is through 100% Adjudication. Many group benefit plans only adjudicate as low as 10% of all purchases leaving a 9 in 10 chance for fraudulent activities to get through the safety net. You can rest easy. All your hard-earned benefits provided get used as intended. With no fear of unintended benefit expenses getting used for non-benefits purchases, there is the trickle-down impact of reduction/elimination of unwanted disciplinary conversations. Every dollar saved on potential fraud is a dollar that can be invested in your business elsewhere.

No out-of-pocket health and wellness expenses

Using our HSA Prepaid Mastercard for eligible medical purchase made are deducted straight from the individually funded HSA or WSA allocated pool. Your employees don’t have to use cash, cheques, debit cards or any other out-of-pocket means. No more waiting days to be reimbursed. There is no need for them to choose between household necessities and health purchases. Making health and wellness purchases with our HSA Prepaid Mastercard solution is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Pull out your HSA Prepaid Mastercard
  2. Make your purchase
  3. Enjoy your day!

Your team can look after their needs and their family’s needs easily by using the HSA Prepaid Mastercard leading to an engaged employee, Increased productivity, and reduced turnover costs and time. This improves your bottom line.

Our HSA Prepaid Mastercard provides to-the-minute reporting

Through the use of our HSA Prepaid Mastercard, your business avoids budget mysteries and surprises. To start with, you fund the allocated HSA benefits for all your employees so you know exactly how much this HR expense will cost. Add to that, you have at your fingertips a full understanding of usage any day or minute throughout the year.

In 2019, only 62% of HSA allocated spend was used. (according to the same Sanofi report referred to above). You can use our cloud-based app from anywhere to decipher insights for current year budgets and future years. Additionally, knowing balances can assist communication efforts to your team such as alerting them to unused benefits later in the year. Allocations, transactions and balances are also at your employees’ fingertips. They have full access to their own balance and transactions. Your employee’s privacy is always maintained. The app does all the heavy lifting making reporting easy.

Onboarding in minutes and no credit checks for your team

As our solution is a prepaid card, there are no credit checks needed – ever! You fund the balances for each employee, and they can use the card wherever Mastercard is accepted. Choose allocation amount for each team member, determine levels for funding definitions and upload a simple file. That’s it!! The whole process can take as little as 2-3 minutes.

All other changes are simple and can be done directly within the App on your computer or even on your phone. There is no paperwork and only requires minimal simple maintenance. If you have questions needing answers, HSA Easy Pay Ltd. is available online, by Chat (on our home page) or by phone. With HSA Easy Pay’s health and wellness HSA Prepaid Mastercard solutions, you define the dollar limits for the HSA, WSA or blend. You have authority to choose whether amounts are to be used in the Benefits year or will be rolled over to the next year.

What Other Employers are Saying About HSA Easy Pay and the HSA Prepaid Mastercard

  • Flexibility – “I choose HSA Easy Pay to provide my employees the flexibility they need.”
  • Freedom – “My employees can spend where they want versus insurance companies dictating where they can spend.”
  • Efficient – “I can onboard and manage all my employees in one place.”
  • Less Fraud – “HSA Easy Pay reduces my fraud liability by checking each claim according to CRA guidelines.”
  • Saving – “HSA Easy Pay saves me significant money compared to other HSA and WSA providers.”
  • Support – “HSA Easy Pay is quick to respond to all my concerns.”

Your Health and Wellness Insights

HSAs are here forever and have proven to be a very flexible solution for your employees’ health and wellness spending. And for you as an employer, HSAs have proven to be a solid way to budget for your employee benefits and avoid spending surprises. They assist in the acquisition and retention of talent and help you to provide vast flexibility for health and wellness spending options. Your employees never have to make hard decisions between household expenses and health expenses.

When employees feel appreciated and are actively achieving their personal goals, morale, productivity, and motivation rise. Does your employee benefits plan include a predictable yet flexible solution attractive both you and your team? Not sure? Contact the team at HSA Easy Pay Ltd. for a free consultation or to request a demo. We can provide an HSA Prepaid Mastercard solution for businesses of any size to ease the stresses for your entire team – particularly you!

Healthcare is stressful enough. Paying for it shouldn‘t be.



HSA Easy Pay Ltd.’s prepaid health and wellness solutions leverage the ayaHSA Prepaid Mastercard® Card and is issued by Peoples Trust Company under licence from Mastercard® International Incorporated. 

Mastercard® is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard® International Incorporated.  This card may be used everywhere Mastercard® is authorized to be accepted at health & wellness merchants. Use of this card constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions stated in the Cardholder Agreement. 

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